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We are Marketplace Experts

We know you’re tired of getting assigned to an account manager who is more enthusiastic than experienced. We only have experienced account managers.

Our results speak for themselves. Our clients achieve their growth goals on Amazon & Wal-Mart by relying on the deep expertise of each partner company within Troveres.

What We Do

human + tech

Tech Enabled Growth Strategy

Amazon channel management requires profitable traffic generation, effective conversion rate tactics, and day to day tedious operations tasks handled. 

Wal-Mart is becoming more and more complicated for brands to manage by the day – and Walmart.com sales are having an effect on buying for Wal-Mart stores.

We use AI and machine learning to evaluate performance of advertising and organic conversion, while using experienced strategists to determine customer personas and advertising funnels.

Our combination of human enabled tech helps our clients’ businesses succeed more rapidly than tech or human intelligence alone.

human + tech

Full Service Support

Just like the contractor who built your house didn’t actually built the entire house themselves, but rather outsourced specialized tasks to niche providers, Troveres finds the right service providers for your business goals. 

Whether it’s the selection of software for advertising management, which video production company to use and what they should produce for streaming TV, what content formats should be used, we work with the best providers to maximize the value potential on your listings.  

By partnering with the best niche agencies working in online marketplace selling, Troveres can provide clients with a greater depth of expertise than the average full service agency.

Based in Seattle

We are based in Amazon’s backyard, founded and run by former Amazonians as well as experts with deep experience in e-commerce sales.

We obsess over selling online so you don’t have to.

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