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Troveres is a proven leader in all aspects of e-commerce: Amazon consulting and beyond.

Amazon Marketplace is essentially a large network of programs all running at once. As a seller or brand, the challenge in succeeding on Marketplace is knowing which programs to focus on, to target the KPIs that make sense for your growth. The Amazon Channel Manager Handbook helps you create a Marketplace road map for your unique business, with program details that matter to the goals you’re trying to achieve. 

Our team has decades of experience within the Amazon ecosystem, and proven expertise on Wal-Mart too.

Boost your Amazon and Wal-Mart performance

Expert Market Analysis

Get in-depth and detailed market data analysis to help you succeed on any platform. We start with the customer, and work backwards into the ideal approach for your business. 

Trusted SEO Strategy

We strategically target the right keywords to index and rank for, then create attractive, easy to navigate, shopper-friendly pages with the power to succeed. 

Digital Marketing Mastery

Marketing plans that are tailor-made for your business, combining your brand's ideal customer segment and SEO goals with advertising tools and content marketing options that bring sales and brand awareness to new heights. 


Our Five-Star


A wide variety of brands, based all across the US, from snack foods… to home decor… to workout gear… and everything in between, have benefited from the tailor-made strategies that Troveres provides.
We do it so well because our approach is unique to each client’s brand, allowing us to focus on areas where they truly shine.

Troveres Is The Right Marketplace Agency For Your Business

Why? Because we optimize everything from listings to ad content with our unique process that puts customer experience first. When your brand offers the best of everything, you win customers (and advocates) for life.

What Our

Clients Say

I've known Rachel for more than 7 years, and worked with her both at Amazon and on the PROSPER Show. Rachel knows more than anyone about the complicated world of product compliance on Amazon. Concise, thorough, and generously kind with her time, Rachel is a colleague and peer whom I am so fortunate to know.
James Thomson
James Thomson
Rachel and her team are amazing partners. They listen to the current state of the business and customize an action plan based on your dynamics. Moreover, when problems arise, and they always do in the ecommerce space, they are mobile and agile enough to help you overcome.
Rodney Fetaya
Rodney Fetaya
Rachel knows Amazon Seller Central inside out! She's very knowledgeable and familiar with all the amazon compliance as well. Rachel helps small businesses to grow their amazon account with a customized, detailed, short-term, and long-term action plan. she will work very closely with a client to achieve the sales goal. Highly recommended.
Ken Tsai
Ken Tsai



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The Amazon Marketplace operates as a vast web of interconnected programs. For sellers and brands, the key to thriving on this platform lies in identifying which programs to prioritize to hit the most relevant KPIs for your business growth. The Amazon Channel Manager Handbook is designed to guide you in crafting a tailored Marketplace strategy, providing insights into the programs that align with your specific objectives. Submit your information below to download the handbook for free.